Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review Spotlight: Rendezvous

Jazz and electronica together? No way, you might say. But the new band Rendezvous has tastefully brought together these two different genres of music, now being dubbed the cross-over of the millennium!

Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, the duo comprising Rendezvous, first met in the music school they both went to. Shortly after they became friends, they worked on different concepts and ideas and finally came up with an original vision: the fusion of acid jazz and electronica.


Rendezvous released their EP in 2004, after which their site received an onslaught of downloads and fan reviews. Because of this successful launch, Rendezvous decided to launch an album to whet the appetite of music fans worldwide. In just a few months, Rendezvous' YouTube video snippets received more than 15,000 views – and still counting (

After receiving much acclaim from musicians and fans alike, Rendezvous began working on their first album. Their debut album features eight original tracks, all of which have a unique feel. Rendezvous made use of different music formulas for each track to ensure that there is a little bit of everything, producing an audio experience for everyone to enjoy.


Aside from joining electronica and acid jazz, Rendezvous is also merging audio and film for their first album launch. Their music has then become a visual experience, as evidenced by Uzi Adam’s video coverage of Rendezvous’ journey in music.

No strangers to music icons, Rendezvous has joined David Bascombe for the mixing of their tracks. Bascombe is a veteran producer and mix engineer for noteworthy artists like Verve, Kylie Minogue, Moby, and Korn, to name a few. Soon, Rendezvous will be joining the ranks of these music greats once their very first album hits mainstream.

Their music can be downloaded for free at  Also, the debut album of Rendezvous will soon be in your mp3s this year. Video sneak peeks are also available at  Listen to Rendezvous once, and you’ll want to listen a thousand times more.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Report

vanessa hudgens 11

Perhaps Zac Efron is arguably the best accessory Vanessa Hudgens has. Still, she does have a knack for accessorizing and keeping her outfits fresh. Whether out in the streets or walking down the red carpet, it’s obvious that Vanessa Hudgens wants to strut her stuff.vanessa hudgens

vanessa hudgens 1 vanessa hudgens 2 vanessa hudgens 3 vanessa hudgens 4 vanessa hudgens 5 vanessa hudgens 6 vanessa hudgens 7 vanessa hudgens 8 vanessa hudgens 9 vanessa hudgens 10  vanessa hudgens 12 vanessa hudgens 13 vanessa hudgens 14 vanessa hudgens 15

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shoes, Anyone?

Keep ‘Em Kickin’!

There’s been a rather under-reported shoe brand in town. They’ve been a favorite of frugalistas, given their precious design sans the too-precious price tag.

VNC, a Malaysian brand offering shoes of all shapes and sizes, is promising to be quite a find.vnc 12

Shoes PhP2110

vnc Shoes PhP2670

vnc 2 Shoes PhP2210, PhP2670

vnc 3 Shoes PhP3770

vnc 13

Shoes PhP2110

vnc 10 Shoes PhP1870

vnc 11 Shoes PhP2110 

vnc 9

Shoes PhP2330

vnc 4 Shoes PhP2670

vnc 5 Shoes PhP1350

vnc 6

Shoes PhP2210

vnc 7 Shoes PhP1870

vnc 8

Shoes PhP1970

VNC is available in Glorietta, SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, Robinsons Place Manila, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, Eastwood Mall, SM City North Edsa, and Trinoma Mall.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Want a healthy heart? Drink your beer!

Alcohol reduces heart disease risk.

Getty images Oh yes, the latest news on heart health is creating quite a buzz. According to a recent study by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer & Nutrition, people who drink actually have healthier hearts than those who abstain from alcohol!

Alcohol intake reduces coronary heart disease by about 30 percent.

Apparently, this is true regardless of how much you drink. Whether you prefer occasional nightcaps or love binging everyday, alcohol seems to have a protective effect on your heart.

wine alcoholOf course, this bit of medical news should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if coronary heart disease is reduced by about 30% in drinkers, there is always the increased risk of liver disease.

There are many healthier – and much safer – ways of keeping your heart fit. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can keep your heart going for many years to come. Still, there is one less thing we have to worry about when we choose to enjoy another cocktail – and let’s drink to that!

Wedding Checklist

How to prepare for a wedding:

wedding ring wedding band life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day Are you preparing for a wedding? You must have been dreaming about the perfect wedding since you were seven: the perfect cake, the perfect wedding dress… and the perfect groom, of course!
wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding bouquet flower wedding floristHowever, preparing for a wedding takes more than wishful thinking. From the get-go, you should have a checklist with you, ticking off after every small accomplishment.

Wedding preparations have to be made step by step in an organized fashion to guarantee that you don’t miss out on anything when that fateful day comes.
To help you keep things organized and easy-to-follow, the tasks you need to accomplish for the wedding are broken down for you:

Six to Twelve Months Before the Wedding

Wedding Preparations:

One year may seem like a lot of time, but there is a lot of wedding preparations that need to be done! You have to pick out an entourage, decide on what dress to wear… oh, and there’s the question of where to get married. There should really be a wedding checklist!
Fortunately, we’ve provided one for you. If you’re wondering about how to prepare for a wedding 6 to 12 months before the big day, here is a detailed wedding checklist!
  • Pick the date and time of your wedding. This is the first decision you will wedding set the date life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day marriage preparationsmake as an engaged couple. Make sure to choose a date and time when everybody you want present on your wedding day is available.

  • Decide on how much you are willing to spend for the wedding. Is it going to be a simple, intimate wedding? Or a grand, fireworks-worthy one? Many of your decisions about the wedding will depend on the budget you will set aside.
    • After you’ve decided on the total budget, start planning on how much you are going to spend on the reception, the dress, the flowers, etc. Many couples find that their initial estimated budget is too small after they have broken down what the budget is for.
    • Remember that although you’ve already partitioned your budget, the allocation of funds to specific tasks should be flexible to allow for last-minute adjustments.

  • Establish where you want to get married. When choosing your venue, wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day consider where the actual wedding will be and where the reception will take place. Make sure that they are both situated within a reasonable distance from each other. Having the reception several kilometers away may bring problems later, like having late guests because of traffic conditions, etc.
    • After you have agreed on the location, don’t forget to have it reserved immediately. Some venues may take up to two years before they have an opening, so make sure to save your slot as soon as you can.

  • If you plan on getting married in a church, express your wishes to the parish priest or any clergyman in charge of church events.
  • Plan for your honeymoon. How much do you want to spend? Do you want to have your honeymoon outside the country? Are you having it right after the wedding, or about a few weeks after?
  • Start looking for the following:
    • Catering service
    • Cake designer
    • Wedding florist
    • Wedding photography and video services
    • Music and entertainment provider for both the wedding and the reception

  • Tell your family and friends about it. It’s time to share the good news with them! Your family and friends will also be more than happy to offer you help.
  • Start working on your entourage list. Would you want your boss at work to be one of your sponsors? Or do you prefer close relatives and friends instead? Choosing your entourage is critical. Don’t forget to include everyone special to you and your spouse. Always check with your parents for suggestions, just in case you forgot an uncle who happens to be a favorite of yours.
  • Look for a wedding gown. It is understandable that a lot of women feel this to wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding gown wedding dress be an important step. If your gown doesn’t come with a veil, order for one as well. Don’t forget to choose a pair of shoes to go with your gown. In addition, remember that you may need special underwear for your gown. You should also look for a dress you can wear for the reception, if you have plans of changing after the wedding rites.

  • Decide on what your entourage should wear as well. Choosing gowns and outfits for your entourage doesn’t have to be expensive. However, make sure that your entourage will be comfortable with clothes you pick. Consult with them and tell them what you have in mind. Just to be clear, you are not asking them what they want to wear; instead, you are asking them if they want to wear what you have intended for them. Asking for suggestions from your entourage may become problematic as they may give you requests that are hard to meet.
  • Choose your theme. There are many themes and color schemes available. Consider the location of your wedding when deciding on your color scheme.
  • Try to find a custom shop for wedding invitations. Your wedding invites should be in keeping with the theme of your wedding. Don’t forget to include directions on how to get to the wedding and reception venues. wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding vows marriage vows
  • Establish how you want to do your vows. Do want to have traditional vows or would you prefer to have them written yourselves?

  • Visit your jeweler to look for wedding rings. Remember that these are the wedding band marriage ring life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day rings you will be wearing everyday for the rest of your married life, so choose well. Take your time – there’s no need to rush.

  • Decide on where your bridal registry will be. Start registering the items you feel are appropriate as wedding gifts for you and your spouse. Choose items that you will need for a new home. Stick to useful pieces that will help you and your spouse-to-be start a new life together. Pieces that are easy to replace when they break are great for a starting family.
Want to know about how to prepare 2 to 6 months before the wedding? Read this.

Two to Six Months Before the Wedding

Wedding Preparations:

Six months before the wedding, you should have gone through the preliminary checklist and completed the initial preparations. If you haven’t read the preliminary wedding checklist, click here.
The wedding is just round the bend! Are you ready to tie the knot? Two to six months before the big day, you have a few more things to accomplishwedding flowers wedding florist life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day.
  • Look for flowers that will complement the color scheme and theme you c hose. Then, visit the wedding florist you picked and tell them about your ideas. Don’t forget to bring samples of the clothes your entourage will be wearing. Also, provide a picture of the flower arrangement you want.

  • Decide on what kind of food you want. Review packages from caterers and consider how many you plan on inviting to your wedding. Rank your choices according to what you want the most. Make sure to stay within budget.
  • At this time, you should be done addressing your wedding invites. Doing wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding invites wedding invitations this ahead of time will guarantee that you don’t run out of wedding invites later on. If you happen to run short, you will have ample time to order extras.

  • If you want to hold a rehearsal dinner, this is the perfect time to do so. If you’re thinking that rehearsal dinners are simply a waste of time and money, think again. Any unforeseen problems may show their ugly heads during the reception, which is better than noticing them for the first time during your wedding day.
  • If you have visitors from out of town, reserve hotel rooms or other lodging arrangements for them. Consider everything they need; these people have come from far away, setting aside their jobs to share your special moment with you. Make sure you give them the treatment they deserve.
  • Choose what type of music you want for your wedding. What music do you wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding music reception music reception entertainment want played when you are walking down the aisle? Decide on the ceremony music, including what songs will be played before, during, and after the wedding.
    • How about the music for the reception? Ask the music provider of your choice to provide you with a list of their available music. Screen a few tracks to make sure that the list given to you actually meet your specifications.

  • wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding day wedding photographer wedding videographer Get together with your photographer and/ or videographer. Ask to see packages and determine how much each will cost. If you have specific ideas on how you want your pictures and videos taken, give them clear instructions. Take your time when talking to your photographer as he will be the one immortalizing the most special day of your life. Your wedding pictures will not only be yours to look at; your guests and family will also be ordering pictures, so make sure your photographer is capable of giving you the pictures that you want.
    • After settling everything with your photographer, it’s time to have your picture taken. You and your spouse should have a proper photograph together, taken at a time when you are still not rushing arrangements. At this time, you still look fresh and relaxed, perfect for a wedding photograph. Have your nails and hair done.

  • Meet with your cake designer. Choose the wedding cake you want. When wedding life walkthrough wedding preparations wedding cake marriage deciding on your cake, don’t forget that taste is just as important as the design. Choose a cake that won’t melt and soften during the reception.

  • Prepare wedding favors for your guests. You can either purchase them or make them yourselves.
Want to know about how to prepare for a wedding 1 to 2 months before the big day? Read this.
For the complete wedding checklist, click here.


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